Do I Qualify?

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You’re eligible for care if you:

Are uninsured

Reside in Mecklenburg County or the southern section of Iredell County (zip codes 28115 and 28117)

Earn up to 250% of the federal poverty level as a household

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Eligibility Screenings

Please note that eligibility screenings for prospective patients are required before scheduling an appointment.

Eligibility screening appointments are available:

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 8 am – 4 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am – 4:30 pm

To make an appointment for your screening, call 704.316.6611. This process is only required for first-time patients or current patients who’ve been asked to renew their eligibility status.

What to Bring to Your Screening

  1. Photo ID: driver’s license, passport, or foreign ID
  2. Proof of address proving residency in the areas we serve. Accepted documents include:
    • Utility bill (gas, water, or electricity)
    • School form
    • Medical bill
    • Rental/lease agreement*
  1. Last year’s tax return
  2. Proof of income from every working member of the household for the last month: four pay stubs if you are paid weekly or two if you are paid every two weeks*
  3. Documentation of all other forms of income: Social Security benefits, unemployment, pension, child support, alimony, and all other sources of income.
  4. Food stamps or food stamp letter
  5. Two most recent bank statements

*If you are unable to provide proof of residency or income, you must complete the related form(s) below and bring them to your eligibility screening appointment.

Forms You May Need for Your Eligibility Screening

  • Documentation of Address Form: If you don’t have proof of address in your name, please complete this form and provide the necessary documents listed on the form.
  • Documentation of Support Form: If someone provides all or some of your living expenses (food, housing, utilities, etc.), ask that provider to complete this form and include the documents listed on the form.
  • Statement of Income Form: If you do NOT receive pay stubs from your employer, please ask your employer to fill out this form.
  • Self Declaration of Income Form: If you are self-employed, please complete this form and ask a witness to sign it.

*If you are unable to print these forms at home, you can visit the clinic during operating hours to pick up a copy.


I came to the clinic in 2013. My sugar was way out of whack, now it’s the best I’ve ever seen it. I love Lake Norman and all of the people are wonderful.

~ Melvin W.

I am grateful and thankful for all the services you have provided for me in such a difficult time in my life. I will continue to have HOPE!

~ Anonymous

The programs offered by this clinic have not only changed my life, but they have impacted those around me who I love and care about. I feel confident about fighting diabetes, and with the team at CCC supporting me, I feel stronger and more educated.

~ Anonymous

I didn’t know what to expect from the clinic, but was very pleasantly surprised at the friendly and caring atmosphere. It was so wonderful to be treated in such a respectful and dignified way. Large hospitals and other health facilities should take a lesson from Cook Community Clinic!

~ Clanese A.
I am so glad I was introduced to Cook Community Clinic in 2011. I had no insurance coverage and I got the same treatment as if I was a million dollar patient. The atmosphere is awesome with such wonderful staff from the front desk to nurses and Doctors. I feel real good about this clinic.
~ Patricia D.

Cook Community Clinic has been an answer to years’ worth of prayers. I never thought I would be able to live my life without feeling pain. Thank God for all the wonderful people who make this clinic possible.

~ Anonymous
The clinic is not a patient mill, rather it is a place where the patient has the time to talk about current issues and the clinical staff is able to guide you to the right path. As my time as a patient at CCC comes to an end, I am only hopeful that I can receive this kind of care going forward.
~ Lee

I arrived for my appointment and everyone at the Clinic was so nice. The nurse practitioner and the other nurses always talked with me, made me laugh, and most of all gave me hope.

~ Anonymous
Cook Community Clinic is a place of hope. It is knowing that when I come here, regardless of what money I have in my pocket, I’m not going to be turned away.”

During my time as a translator and patient at Cook Community Clinic, I was able to witness the love that the clinic puts toward the patients. The clinic is personalized and intimate in this way. It is like family.

~ Anonymous
About two years ago, I was in need of healthcare and I did not have health insurance…I did my research and realized Cook Community Clinic was close to my house so I called immediately. The staff treated me so kindly and I felt like I was in a private health care office. My health needs were treated by awesome physicians and since then I have been telling others. Times are hard these days, but a person’s health should not be compromised.
~ Eure